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5 Interior Trends for 2017

Texture, texture, texture

Velvet is expected to make a big splash in interiors. Look for velvet fabrics and textures to weave their way into your home, from ottomans to throw pillows, upholstered couches to curtains.

Jeweled Colors

Saturated bold colors like sapphire blue or emerald green will take center stage in 2017. You will see these vibrating hues popping up everywhere, bringing life and richness to homes and fashion. You may see these colors in oversized artwork to ranges of furniture, carpets and accessories .

Beverage Bars

I am a huge fan of the bar cart. It's practical, stylish and a sure way to get your party started.

These #BevBars come in all sizes with styles to match your home, made from acrylic to mixes with brass and marble. Here are a few of my favourites:

Urban Jungle

This is more than just a botanical trend of decorating homes with plants and greenery, it has now involved into playful designs of textiles and wallpaper.

With Greenery being named Pantone's color of the year, I can see this as only the beginning for 2017.

Eclectic Decorating

Trend predictions for 2017 will also include an eclectic approach to decorating interiors, mixing vintage finds and heirloom with modern finds. Anchoring a room with a statement piece while enticing the space with its global inspired decor, creative spaces mixing patterns, eras and / or styles.

Eclectic Interiors

Which trend will you try?


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